‘Brahma Gana Sabha’ – NV

‘It is the Brahma Gana Sabha. The stage is set. The audience sits in a state of expectation. Enters Neena Prasad‚ the renowned Mohiniyattam dancer with sensitive‚ mobile features which give her the advantage of registering a pleasant impression right on appearance. The Mohiniyattam programme began with Cholkettu and Ganesha Stuthi in Ragamalika. The splendid stuthi was followed by Saptanayika – Ashtapadi choreographed by Kalamandalam Kshemavathy. Neena did a commendable job with her brightly sparkling eyes‚ expressive smile and exceedingly appropriate sense of rhythm. It was followed by the Pada Varnam in Misra Chapu‚ choreographed by Kalamandalam Sugandhi‚ which stood out for bhava excellence‚ exploiting to the full her face and form with expressive delineation. She was admirably evocative in her abhinaya and the applause she drew for this piece was a genuine and heartfelt tribute to the artiste‚ from layman and scholar alike.’