The Centre

Sougandhika Centre for Mohiniyattam is a unique initiative in the rich cultural horizon of Chennai, renowned for its promotion of the classical arts. 'Sougandhika', as the name indicates, is an institution with a single objective – the promotion and propagation of 'Mohiniyattam', the distinct classical dance style of Kerala.

Sougandhika Centre for Mohiniyattam, which was established in 2003, has grown to a Premier institute, imparting training in Mohiniyattam to a group of dedicated students.

The Objective

'Sougandhika' was established in Chennai to highlight Mohiniyattam before the discerning art lovers of Chennai, the beacon for all classical artistes. Even while enjoying an awakening of interest in the art form, Mohiniyattam is still relatively less explored and understood, in comparison to other illustrious dance forms like Bharatanatyam and Kuchipudi. Training in Mohiniyattam also tended to be sporadic and incomplete. There was an acute need for an institution that interpreted Mohiniyattam in all its purity and complexity, in the cultural capital of India.

The Director

The moving spirit behind 'Sougandhika', Dr Neena Prasad has evolved an exhaustive training regimen to take a willing student through a journey of discovery, even while organising programmes, workshops and interactions that will accelerate the spread of interest in this gentle dance form. Dr Neena Prasad is arguably the most visible exponent of Mohiniyattam today, travelling widely for performances and lectures, engaging in research and helping academic institutions build up expertise. Her rigorous training under Kalamandalam Kshemavathi and Kalamandalam Sugandhi, and the extensive research carried out by her during her long academic stint has evolved her to a sensitive and versatile exponent. She has distilled her learning and her academic background in designing a programme for Sougandhika that is comprehensive and systematic.

The Course

The training regime at Sougandhika is for five years, during which the student will be led through the historical setting of the form, the theoretical framework and the fundamentals. Later the student will enjoy a more in-depth training in the nuances and grammar of the form, moving into learning classical works and acclimatising herself with contemporary initiatives of the form. At the end of a rewarding programme, the student will be awarded a Certificate testifying to the syllabus and structure of the training course.

The Registration Form can be downloaded from the link below. The candidates have to fill-up the registration form and email it to

 Registration Form

The Location

Sougandhika Centre for Mohiniyattam,
Santhome High Road,
Chennai - 600 028
Mob: +91 9447 722 300
Tel: +91 44 2461 4657