"Kani Kanum Neram"

For the Malayali (native of Kerala), there is no day quite like Vishu, the great festival. Vishu combines all that is beautiful and sublime. It symbolises a new year, an auspicious time for all beginnings. Vishu comes to Kerala, when the harvest is done, the granaries are full, the trees heavy with fruit. The golden laburnum, the favourite "kani konna" is in full bloom, washing the countryside in hues of yellow and gold. In all households, an array of auspicious objects are placed together, as the 'Vishukkani',to be seen as the first sight in the early hours of Vishu day.

Vishu is also about Lord Krishna in his child form, worshipped by millions at the famed Guruvayur temple. The tradition of getting a glimpse of the child Krishna in all his beauty, as the first sight to be seen on Vishu dawn, draws thousands to Guruvayur. The tales of Krishna, with his antics and naughtiness, capture the hearts of all.

"Kani Kanum Neram" is drawn from the immortal lines of Poonthanam, the staunch devotee of the lord of Guruvayur. It explores Bhakti (devotion) to Krishna through lore and legend.