"Geetham Vadyam Tatha Nrutham
Thrayam Sangeethamuchyatha"
So said Sarangadevan in his treatise "Sangeetharatnakara".

The three elements of music, percussion. A synthesis of the three limbs of performing art,'Thouryathrikam' is defined by the aesthetic balance of music, percussion and dance, which fulfil the concept of 'Sangeetham'. From time immemorial, dancers have sought to interpret this amazing and complicated interplay, this intricate give and take, this fascinating relationship.

Dr Neena Prasad seeks to present this harmonious representation of 'Thouryathrikam' through Mohiniyattam. In this 60 minute group presentation, Dr Neena deviates from the existing system of 'ekaharya' presentation of this classical dance recital, which goes through the routine array of cholkettu, varnam and thillana.

The presentation exposes the full repertoire of Mohiniyattam, which includes the legend of the origin of Lasya (one of the two modes of dancing), 'Pandattam', the ball-play, a characteristic dance number of this art form intertwined with the unique rhythm structures of Kerala's traditional orchestration and the 'Panjari', sensual fervour of the 'Shringara' in Ashtapadi, which flowed from the Vaishnavaite Bhakti tradition, and finally culminating in the vibrant mood of the thillana.

The music score of the presentation is by Changanasseri Madhavan Namboothiri, and the research and choreography is by Dr Neena Prasad.